The Beginning: 19/04/19

There was little speculation about whether or not I’d be ready for it, or even built for it when I launched into the music scene. As expected, most people weren’t very surprised.  Just from chatting with people I learned that I have a story to tell.  I just hope one of ya’ll can relate, even if it’s just one of ya. On this blog I’ll be updating you on my journey through this tough industry, and how I continue to grow independently, while focusing on what actually matters.

Let’s take it all the way back. To almost two years ago. Fall/Winter 2017. I was in one of the worst depressions of my life. Even ended up in the hospital way too many times from drinking my life away. My head was riddled with anxiety on a daily basis and I was ashamed to venture outside alone.

At that time, I wasn’t doing anything creative. I felt lost. Complacent, even though I wasn’t content with anything at all at the time. I needed a reason to wake up the next day, so I thought back to what that used to be for me. Slowly, I started to realize that this cycle of feeling sorry for myself needed to end. I had two options at this point. Find my passion to live, or die in this cycle of pain. I chose life.

I started on this path that seemed impossibly difficult to traverse, but I didn’t care. I would make it possible. Even if this path were to kill me, if being on it gives me life, I don’t care.

Finished waiting for other people who tell me they’re gonna make my dreams come true. If I’m not gonna make my dreams come true, who’s gonna?

So… I sold my condo. Only one year into being a part of this insane Toronto housing market, but it needed to be done. I felt trapped by my own life. I couldn’t do anything and I was 22. I talked with my partner and we decided to take a leap of faith.  No longer consumed by our debt and “stability”, I was finally free. Free to start over, and to build myself to where I am now.  A lot people criticized me for doing that, but fuck ‘em right? Plus I made money on the sale, so they can’t really tell me nothing.

Again through this blog, you’ll get all the tea (ALL the tea) and some insight into who Alliston Davis is and how the choices I’ve made, and continue to make, bring me closer to that true, unequivocal happiness. Remember, it’s YOUR life at the end of the day.  You get to define success, and you get to define your happiness.  You’ll know it when you’re there.

Cheers until then!

Alliston Davis